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Building Rental

The Williamsburg Community Farm Show Building consists of a large room (50’ x 70’), a fully-equipped kitchen, two meeting rooms, restrooms, and a large patio.  The facilities are available to rent for banquets, dinners, dinner meetings, parties, receptions, auctions, etc. Our decorating committee puts up decorations and Christmas Trees over the holiday season, making it a great place to host your family holiday gathering when you've outgrown family homes!


The farm show board members are also available to cook and serve meetings, dinners, or banquets by request.

The building can be rented by the hour or per day, all you need to do is schedule in advance! 

Building Rental Agreement 

It is expected that you leave the building as you have found it (i.e., put tables and chairs away, pick-up trash, make sure nothing is left in the ovens or refrigerators, etc.).   

Someone will come to unlock the door prior to your event and return after your event to lock up. 

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