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Williamsburg Community Farm Show

Harvesting Joy and Uniting Community: Experience the Williamsburg Farm Show,

where traditions come alive and memories bloom!

Midway Hours

Sunday - Friday
10 AM-10 PM --- Exhibits On Display

4:30 - 10 PM --- Vendors Open



1019 Recreation Drive

Williamsburg, PA 16693

2023 Schedule of Events


ALL Animals must be pre-registered online or by mail-in form(s). NO livestock may be entered day of fair.

Small Antiques, Antique Tractors and Machinery must be pre-registered.

Entries made by mail-in forms must be postmarked by this date (see forms for mailing address).

ONLINE ENTRIES for all other exhibits can be submitted up till NOON on SATURDAY, August 19



7 AM - 8 PM --- Animal exhibits can be brought to the Farm Show

9 AM - 6 PM --- ALL EXHIBITS can be entered/brought to the Farm Show (NOT Baked Goods)

NOON --- Deadline for Online Entries for all other exhibits

12 - 1 PM --- Lunch Break, Reduced Staff


10:00 AM --- Performance (Judged) Horse Show

10:00 AM --- Antique, Classic, and Custom Car Show

10:00 AM --- Judging of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Floral, Antiques (Building(s) may be closed)

10:30 AM --- Vendors Open

1:00 PM --- Car Show Judging

1:00 PM --- Pet Show, Youth & Adult

2 PM - 4 PM --- Bale Throwing Contest - weather dependent

2:00 PM --- Market Animal Weigh In

3:00 PM --- Jeff Corle (Break at 4:00)

4:00 PM --- Fair Royalty Coronation (During break)

4 PM - 6 PM --- Horseshoe Pitching Contest - weather dependent

7:00 PM --- Rabbit Show

7:00 PM --- Vesper Service


MONDAY, AUGUST 21 **Youth Day**


10 AM --- Judging of Baked Goods

8 AM-3 PM --- Judging of Exhibits EXCEPT Livestock (buildings closed)

2:00 PM --- Youth Tractor Driving

4 PM-10 PM --- Exhibits on Display

4:30 -10 PM --- Vendors Open

6 PM - 9 PM --- First Responders Visit

6:00 PM --- Rolling W Farm Petting Zoo

6:00 PM --- Karaoke Celebration

7:00 PM --- Kiddie Tractor Pull

7:00 PM --- Micro Wrestling (tickets required)

7:30 PM --- Milk Drinking Contest

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22 **Senior Citizen Night**

9:00 AM --- Youth Livestock Show Begins, Dairy Show immediately following

10 AM-10 PM --- Exhibits On Display

4:30 - 10 PM --- Vendors Open

5 PM-7 PM --- Bingo

7 PM - 9 PM --- Stephanie and the Wildhearts


10 AM-10 PM --- Exhibits On Display

4:30 - 10 PM --- Vendors Open

6:30 - 7 PM --- Celebrity Milking Contest

6:30 - 8:30 PM --- 869 Band

7:00 PM --- Homemade Ice Cream Churning Contest


10 AM-10 PM --- Exhibits On Display

4:30 - 10 PM --- Vendors Open

5:00 - 6 PM --- Parade forms at Cenveo

6:00 PM --- Agricultural Parade begins

7:00 - 9 PM --- Ricky Lee


10 AM-10 PM --- Exhibits On Display

4:30 - 10 PM --- Vendors Open

6:00 PM --- Youth Livestock Auction (Barns)

7:00 PM --- Alleghany Mini Tractor Pullers

7 - 9:30 PM --- Chris Woodward and Shindiggin’

9:30 PM --- Fireworks


7:00 AM --- Animals may leave

10:00 AM --- Horse Show Timed Events

1:00 PM --- All other exhibits may leave

1:00 PM --- Exhibitor Checks available at Farm Show Office


Three Ways to Register

1. Online
2. Mail-In
3. Walk-In


  • This method of registration is considered a way to 'pre-register.' 

  • Exhibitors can register their entries online using the link below.

  • Deadline for Online Entries: 

    • ALL Animal Entries (Livestock, Poultry, & Rabbits): August 12.

    • Other Entries: No later than Noon the Saturday before Farm Show week begins. August 19, 2023

      PARENTS: be sure to use Department 11 - YOUTH when registering your child(ren)'s entries!

  • This method of registration is also considered a way to 'pre-register.'

  • Exhibitors can mail their completed entry Form(s) found in the back of the booklet or linked below to

    • Williamsburg Farm Show
      P.O. Box 117
      Williamsburg, PA 16693

  • Please refer to what Departments you are entering under may say about required documents for registration (i.e. animals require CVIs, etc.) ​​

  • Deadline for ALL mail-in entries:

    • Postmarked by August 12, late registrations will not be accepted.

  • This is NOT the time to register entries that were denoted as must be PRE-REGISTERED, they will not be accepted.

  • We allow Exhibitors to enter under certain Departments in person on the Saturday before the Farm Show opens. Please refer to the Event Schedule for these times, or whether your entries need to be preregistered by looking at their Department listings in this book.

  • Exhibitors with 15 or more entries must Pre-Register by using option 1 or 2.

When Do I Register? 


  • Pre-Registration is MANDATORY for ALL Animal Entries; with all required forms completed.

    • All Livestock and Rabbit entries must be pre-registered Online or using Animal Registration Form B (found in the back of this booklet). In addition, exhibitors of all animals must have a “Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI),” along with the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship Form C found in the back of this booklet. The respective department chairperson will collect the CVI & Form C prior to the animal being housed. For further health requirement specifications refer to the specific department of your animal listed at the beginning of the book.

    • When filling out your entry forms for the animal registration, please put all computer ID’s for one particular animal that you are entering on one sheet. This will allow us to better count the number of animals entered.

  • Exhibitors with 15 (or more) entries MUST PRE-REGISTER.

  • As space can be an issue, Small Antiques, Antique Tractors and Machinery entries should be pre-registered by August 12.​

Day of Fair:

  • For entries that we do not require to be pre-registered, exhibitors may register the Saturday before the Farm Show opens.

  • We do ask that exhibitors voluntarily pre-register all exhibits, as it can help expedite procedures as a computer program is used to register exhibits, print entry tags, tally the winners, and appropriate premium money.

What do I do when I arrive?
  • The registration table is located in the Williamsburg Community Farm Show Building Office (1019 Recreation Drive)

    • Pre-Registered Entries: This is where you will receive your packet of pre-registered entries tags. Please skip down to #3 to know what to do next.

    • Walk-ins: If you did not pre-register via mail/online, then you must register at this time.

      1. After registering, completely fill-out the entry form for your entries; You will need to know/find their Department #, Division #, and Class ID # & description. You may ask for guidence from the registration staff, or be directed to visit the Department Chairperson for the entry(s) in question.

      2. Return the entry form to the registration table and wait while we process your form and print your entry tags. (Another reason why pre-registering, or registering online can save you time!)

      3. Your entries with their tags attached may be taken to the area/building where they will be displayed.


What do I do with my entry tags?
  • Entry tags are used to register, organize, identify, and judge exhibits. Unused tags are to be returned to the office.

  • All exhibits must have an entry tag attached (some exceptions apply such as livestock) and remain attached throughout the Farm Show.

    • Attaching tags can entail tying, taping, stapling, etc. to the exhibit; whatever method is best that does not damage the exhibit.


Premium Catalog

With the PDF view below, you can scroll through the book from this page. Alternatively, you can click this button to download it to your computer directly.

Fair Royalty Contests

Any contestant wishing to participate in the Fair Royalty program must be a current or past exhibitor at the Williamsburg Community Farm Show.  

(This may the first year they enter something, which can include art, photography, livestock, fruits/vegs, or anything else the Farm Show has to offer.)


Queen Contest

Contestants must be 16-20 years old as of June 1st of application year.  For more details & information on how to apply, click the link below!

Princess Contest

Contestants must be 11-15 years old as of June 1st of application year.  For more details & information on how to apply, click the link below!

Little Miss Contest

Contestants must be 7-10 years old as of June 1st of application year.  For more details & information on how to apply, click the link below!

Rules & Regulations

  1. All exhibitors agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Williamsburg Community Farm Show.

  2. The Board of Directors reserves the right to itself to construe its own rules and regulations and to decide arbitrarily all matters in regard thereto and to formulate and enforce special rules for any conditions that are not covered by this list of rules and regulations.

  3. No person but the awarding committee on duty and officers on this board will be allowed inside the arena during the judging. All exhibits will be under the control and direction of the management; but the Farm Show will in no case be responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to or occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article exhibited by him, and for its description, as given in the catalog and shall indemnify the farm show against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.

  4. Visitors are strictly forbidden from handling, injuring, removing, or destroying articles, livestock on exhibition at the farm show.

  5. The Farm Show Board will NOT be held responsible for any accident that may occur to a person(s) on the grounds. All who enter the grounds DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.

  6. Police protection will be provided as far as the Farm Show Association deems wise.

  7. If it is ascertained that any exhibitor has made or caused to be made any false statement in regard to any article exhibited; or if any exhibitor shall attempt to interfere with the judging in the performance of his duties by letter or otherwise, shall be excluded from competition. Circulars will be considered interference.

  8. All exhibits are entered free except where specified. All exhibits must be the product of work of the exhibitor.

  9. An exhibitor can enter only one exhibit in each class, except where specified in a particular section such as dairy cattle and other livestock which have a limit of two animals per class.

  10. Any exhibitor not obeying the rules and regulations of the Farm Show forfeits his/her right to any premium or reward.

  11. We commit to Comparative Judging: all entries in a class are compared to each other and the judge decides the best to least best (up to five places in most classes) out of those presented. Should only one item be presented for a class, it will receive first place.

  12. Any article which has won a prize at previous Williamsburg fair is not eligible for judging, except livestock and antique farm machinery and equipment.

  13. Premiums will be paid only on classes listed in this catalogue.

  14. All Premium checks must be cashed within 60 days.

  15. Any exhibitor removing exhibits before the show is declared closed will forfeit all ribbons and premium money.

  16. Farm Show Chairperson(s) and/or judge may place any youth or adult entry into a category fitting to the entry UNLESS there is no suitable category.

  17. No exhibits shall be marked or defaced in any way by a chairperson or helper without the approval of the board of directors. The Farm Show Board of Directors is not responsible for any mistyped information that appears in the catalog or advertisements.

    Executive Committee of the Board of Directors has final say in all matters.

  19. Provide a valid mailing address when registering.

  20. All exhibitors will be deducted .65 cents from your premium check to cover mailings and online entries.

  21. If you suspect there is an error in your premiums, contact Lisa England, Financial Secretary, within TWO WEEKS of the conclusion of the Fair. MUST HAVE RIBBON AND TAG FROM EXHIBIT.

  22. All trailer campers must register by August 3, 2023. Cost is $75.00. Fee must be paid prior to the camper arriving on site.

Interested in being a fair week vendor?

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