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3 Ways to Register

1. Online​
  • This method of registration is considered a way to 'pre-register.' 

  • Exhibitors can register as many of their entries online.

  • Deadline for Online Entries: 

    • ALL Animal Entries (Livestock, Poultry, & Rabbits): August 8.

    • Other Entries: No later than noon the Saturday before Farm Show week begins.

2. Mail-In​
  • This method of registration is considered a way to 'pre-register.'

  • Exhibitors can mail their completed registration to the address listed on the form.

  • Please refer to what Departments you are entering, they may indicate additional documents (i.e., animals require CVIs, baked goods require recipe card). ​​

  • Deadline for ALL mail-in entries:

    • August 8, late registrations will not be accepted.​

3. Walk-I​n
  • Please limit the number of walk-in entries to a minimum of 15 per exhibitor. 

  • This is not the time to register entries that were denoted as must be pre-registered, they will not be accepted.

  • We allow exhibitors to enter under certain departments in person on the Saturday before the farm show opens. Please refer to the Event Schedule for these times, or whether your entries need to be pre-registered by looking at their department listings in the Premium book.

  • Exhibitors bringing livestock must bring the Veterinarian/Patient relationship form upon arrival.  

Exhibitor Information: 

  • Pre-registration is mandatory for ALL animal entries.

    • All Livestock, Poultry, and Rabbit entries must be pre-registered, using Animal Registration Form B, found in the back of this booklet. In addition, exhibitors of all animals must have a “Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI),” along with the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship Form C found in the back of this booklet. The respective department chairperson will collect the CVI & Form C prior to the animal being housed. For further health requirement specifications refer to the specific department of your animal listed at the beginning of the book.

    • When filling out your entry forms for the animal registration, please put all computer ID’s for one particular animal that you are entering on one sheet. This will allow us to better count the number of animals entered.

  • ​Exhibitors with 15 (or more) entries MUST PRE-REGISTER. 

  • As space can be an issue, Small Antiques, Antique Tractors and Machinery entries should be pre-registered.

Day of Fair:
  • For entries that we do not require to be pre-registered, exhibitors may register the Saturday before the Farm Show opens. 

  • We do ask that exhibitors please voluntarily pre-register all exhibits, as it can help expedite procedures since a computer program is used to register exhibits, print entry tags, tally the winners, and appropriate premium money. 

What to do on arrival:
  • The registration table is located in the Williamsburg Farm Show Building Office (1019 Recreation Drive).

    • Pre-Registered Entries: This is where you will receive your packet of pre-registered entries tags. Please skip down to #3 to know what to do next.

    • Walk-ins: If you did not pre-register via mail/online, then you must register at this time.

  1. After registering, completely fill-out the entry form for your entries; You will need to know/find their Department #, Division #, and Class ID # & description. You may ask for guidance from the registration  staff, or be directed to visit the Department Chairperson for the entry(s) in question.

  2. Return the entry form to the registration table and wait while we process your form and print your entry tags. (Another reason why pre-registering, or registering online can save you time!)

  3. Your entries with their tags attached may be taken to the area/building where they will be displayed.

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